The 5 Most Bizarre Wheels Ever Released to the Public

If there’s one thing that we have all come to understand as automotive ...

If there’s one thing that we have all come to understand as automotive enthusiasts, it’s that an automobile isn’t simply a way to get from point-A to point-B. Instead, it can be a release, an escaped from real life that can take you anywhere that you want to go both literally and figuratively. By modifying our vehicles, we take on our own sense of individuality that shows the world just what we’re made of and maybe a little bit about what kind of person we are. With that in mind, some people prefer to modify their cars in a way that kind of goes with the grain but others, they decide to go in the complete opposite direction.

This time, we check out one common modification that pretty much everybody who digs into their car will decide to switch out at one point or another. We’re talking, of course, about the wheel selection that you choose to go with. While there is definitely a wide range of opinions no matter what kind of wheels you select, there are definitely some wheels that paint way outside of the lines and mix it up a lot, coming up with the combination that is sure to turn heads for better or for worse.

If you dig into the video below from the guys over at Fitment Industries, you’ll be able to see exactly what we’re talking about as we get to check out some of the most obscure wheel collections to ever be sported on a car. When you make your way to a car show or meet, there’s absolutely no telling what you’re going to come across or if you’ll run into a set of wheels like one of these. One thing is for sure in that you would definitely have something to talk about if you did!

After watching this one and seeing some of the most oddball wheels to ever make their way out to the public, be sure to tell us if you would rock any of these on your ride.

5 Most Bizarre Wheels

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Posted by Fitment Industries on Wednesday, June 20, 2018

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