Someone Put a Hayabusa Motor in a Dirt Drag Trike and it is Nasty!

If you want to go fast in a lightweight bike or trike, there are a variety of ways ...

If you want to go fast in a lightweight bike or trike, there are a variety of ways that you can do it. If you want that platform that will probably never fail on you and pretty much guarantee that you’re going to be out there competing, checking out the Hayabusa might be a combination that is going to have you on the fast track for success. This time, we head down to the dirt drags and check out somebody who has taken their very own trike and replaced the former power plant in favor of a Hayabusa setup that’s putting in overtime!

Now, this thing most certainly has some stout competition that are keeping the races close but, watching in on the action is a pure joy as the trike really digs down deep and throws down some major power as it blasts its way across the racing surface here. As soon as the person behind the handlebars twists the throttle, they had better hold on for dear life because this thing looks like it’s quite a handful to pilot down the dirt. The guy working with this machine here is really on the ride of a lifetime with this incredible creation that makes it look easy out there.

Follow along with the video down below that will put you on the scene and really make you appreciate all that the trike has to offer. After watching this thing in motion, do you’d think that you would have what it takes to hop on board and go for a nice little rip, facing up against some of the toughest machines out there in the dirt on that given night? Sure, this guy really does make it look easy but, I can almost guarantee you that there are quite a plethora of challenges that go alongside making something like this work.

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