Lamborghini Aventador Owner Regrets Decision on Mountain Road as His Front Bumper Gets Hit

Just because you have put together enough money to buy an awesome car doesn’t ...

Just because you have put together enough money to buy an awesome car doesn’t necessarily mean that you have put together enough experience to drive said awesome car. This is something that we have seen unfold over and over again and for everyone who appreciates these kinds of machines, it’s really an unfortunate series of events that usually unfolds to get to the end product that is an unhappy supercar owner. This time, it’s really cringe-worthy material and you have to feel for the guy up until you see exactly where he decided to make his move.

Now, you definitely can probably feel the anger that this man was going through when he saw somebody driving in front of him who just didn’t seem to be going anywhere near what this Lamborghini driver saw to be appropriate. However, instead of waiting for a nice time to pass where there was plenty where you would have the opportunity to see ahead and get your eyes on what was coming, the dude behind the wheel here just so happened to make sure that he would pass the van at the worst possible time, going around a hairpin turn and causing some pretty big destruction if we do say so ourselves.

The video below will tune you in to an infuriating situation that has this car owner ramming into a group of motorcycle riders who probably never expected to be run over by a high dollar exotic when they decided that they would go out for a ride on this day. He also managed to bump the van, as well. Watching this unfold is kind of a giant facepalm moment, however, maybe there was something that we missed here that this driver saw and we didn’t (doubtful). In either situation, the result ends up being about the same and someone has some splanin’ to do!

Lamborghini Aventador SV fail

Seriously, what the hell the guy in the Aventador was trying to do? #FAILMarchettino – Source unknown

Posted by Marchettino on Monday, September 18, 2017

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