Drag Week Legend Tom Bailey Blows Motor At Drag Week!

Oh, Drag Week. If you asked many people across the sport of drag racing, they would ...

Oh, Drag Week. If you asked many people across the sport of drag racing, they would tell you that catching this kind of action is what they wait for all year. It really forces drivers make the most of the street abilities of their car and pushes it to a new high as they travel over 1000 miles from track to track, racing in between and trying to be as fast as they can without breaking anything in the process so they can continue to drive to the next track after race day is done with. It’s really fun to watch unfold each and every year and if you have never been, it should be on the bucket list of just about any racing fan.

This time, it looks like Drag Week Legend, Tom Bailey, had a little bit of an issue as he would end up trashing a rod in his Chevrolet Camaro and calling it a week a little bit earlier than he would have liked.

Via Bailey’s Facebook page: “Well, drag week is over for me, broke a rod on what would of been a good pass today, not sure the cause but we will go back and look at things and make it better, we have an engine combination that works in the mule motor that won in 15, but have spent the last 2 years trying to get this billet setup to work, a lot of things in life we do for the challenge and this is one of those we are hoping to sort out. I wish all the remaining guys success, there will be a new overall champion this year and that is exciting! Drag week is by far one the most amazing experiences that I look forward to every year, and if things always went your way it would be boring, I will be back next year to torture myself yet again and hope for the best!”

It’s good to see that he’s taking it all in stride and he definitely realizes that, out there on the drag strip, things like this will happen, especially when you’re pushing a car that hard. The video below shows the pass that Bailey made, impressively making his way to a 6.3-second quarter mile before the car called it quits.

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