Dodge Challenger Hellcat 174MPH Fly By With a Christmas Tree On Top!

As the year winds down and begins to come to a close, we’re all spending time ...

As the year winds down and begins to come to a close, we’re all spending time with our families more and enjoying the season. As far as online entertainment goes, that might mean that we take a step away from the seriousness that always seems to be circulating in our world and take a dive into something a little bit more fun and lighthearted. Even with the guys over at Hennessey Performance, the Christmas spirit really seems to be running rampant as they have decided that it would be fun to throw together a little bit of a Christmas video to get everybody all cheered up.

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Now, you know that with a high-performance shop like this, a Christmas video just wouldn’t be right without a high-performance sleigh. Therefore, they would head over to the people at Dodge and aske for a little bit of a favor. While they wouldn’t quite be able to get their hands on a Dodge Demon but instead, they get the chance to crack into widebody Dodge Challenger Hellcat, a machine that it’s probably the next best thing and certainly is very worthy of a video like this as it has been pretty much one of the cornerstones of talk around the automotive watercooler this year.

If you follow along in the video down below, you’ll be able see what happens as these guys take the opportunity to really stretch the legs on a car like this, mustering up a 174 mph flyby with a Christmas tree perched atop the high-performance American muscle machine’s roof. With a video like this, you really can’t help but want to get yourself in the Christmas spirit. There’s something about a powerful machine like this that can really get your attention flowing in one direction or another. Horsepower is quite persuasive if we do say so ourselves.

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