A Truck for Danny Trejo and His Taco Joint

If you’re thinking about actors who seem to have been in almost everything, it ...

If you’re thinking about actors who seem to have been in almost everything, it really seems as if Danny Trejo has been in more than his fair share of movies over the span of his career and I can’t be the only one who seems to have this idea in my head that it hasn’t looked like he’s aged a single day since the first time that I’ve seen him. However, all acting aside, as it turns out, when he makes his way into the Misfit Garage, that he also has an affinity for vehicles. It almost seems like actors and high profile vehicles seem to go hand-in-hand but Danny really seems to have a taste for what’s good in life.

Behind Trejo’s acting career that’s pretty much bulletproof as the man can probably get a role in whatever he wants to these days, he also has his own taco joint, Trejo’s Tacos, that we would assume takes up a lot of his time when he’s not on the silver screen. As he’s been trying to get the restaurant rolling, it seems like he’s looking for a kind of mascot that he can plop out front of one of the stores and draw people in. I guess that a lot of thinking goes int something like that and along that train of thought Trejo seems to think that, with a truck like this, potential customers will have to stop and take a look which would then give them more of an opportunity to be a lured into the taco shop to grab a bite to eat.

If you follow along down in the video below, you’ll be able to catch up with the Misfits and Trejo as they take out this unique Ford Econoline pickup truck that would certainly draw attention to anything that you want to be seen. This thing is shining bright and really kicks up the flavor for anyone who would be looking for a real showstopper.

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