A Snow Plow is Not Meant For Water… This Guy Finds Out the Hard Way!

When snow starts coming down hard from the sky, there are definitely ways that we can ...

When snow starts coming down hard from the sky, there are definitely ways that we can combat its presence, bringing out the heavy hitters with the plows and also to the chemicals that are designed to melt it on the spot, cleaning out the roads for cars as they make their way through the streets. After a while, all the snow is gone and commuters will be free to move about again, however, when it comes to water, it might be little bit different story as it’s a bit more challenging. As a flood begins to rise, there isn’t really too much you can do but sit back and watch, waiting for the water to make its way away from the roadways.

This time, however, we follow along with a plow truck driver who thought that he would be able to make his difference by setting down his plow and going straight through the water in order to attempt to push it off of the roadway and clear the kind of swamp that has formed in front of all the cars that were trying to get to whatever their destination might be, inhibited by the massive body of forming water. While we have to admit that it was a valiant effort, it ended up falling flat on its face as the water would just rush its way back in the roadways once again, proving that all of the effort to end up being worth nothing.

If you follow down below, you’ll see exactly how this plow truck driver would try his hardest, only to run into a proverbial brick wall and get stuck in his tracks as that water would prove to be stubborn as could possibly be when it would go absolutely nowhere! It looks like this road needs a better draining system.

Heavy rain causes Oceanside creek to overflow onto freeway

WHAT A MESS: This morning's rain caused a creek off SR-78 near El Camino Real in Oceanside to overflow, flooding lanes and forcing crews to try to clear water to help cars that were stranded.Latest forecast: http://bit.ly/2zhAHlUCheck traffic: http://bit.ly/2nXXfV4

Posted by 10News – ABC San Diego KGTV on Tuesday, January 9, 2018

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